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Are you:

  • looking to finally take control of your own destiny and live life on your own terms
  • searching for the freedom to pursue the things that excite and inspire you
  • financially constrained from living your dreams and fulfilling your desires

If this sounds like you then you need the exact formula that I use on a daily basis to achieve EVERYTHING I desire.

I personally believe that all of us were born with the purpose of living our dreams, achieving our goals and living a life of freedom…

…Over time our emotional, mental and physical ability to achieve this is constrained by our life experiences.
The good news is that you were born with all the tools and resources you need to achieve anything you can dream or think of it’s just that you were not given the correct instructions.


Very Shortly I Will Open An Exclusive Limited Opportunity For You To Access The Exact Tools, Resources And Knowledge I Use On A Daily Basis To Attract All I Desire Almost Instantly.


Dear Friend,

I know exactly how you feel right now, you have this burning desire to be free, to do and have what you want, to never have to worry about money, health or love ever again.

Not only have I been where you are right now but I have also helped hundreds of people just like you to become financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically free.

Unfortunately many people give up the pursuit of “freedom” as they perceive it as being “too far away”, well today I want to bring freedom closer to you.

In just a moment I am going to show you how you can build a life of freedom but before I do let me introduce myself..

Hi! My name is Rishan and I would classify myself as being a personal development nut!  I found out at a very young age that every single dollar you invest into yourself returns 10 fold.

Over the last 14 years I have invested hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars finding out how I can be completely FREE.   I have studied over 15 Cutting Edge, Highly Regarded personal growth technologies including:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Silva Method
  • Huna
  • Open Focus
  • EFT
  • Energy Psychology
  • Law Of Attraction
  • Plus Much Much More

Not every single thing I learnt through indepth study and application of these technologies worked, but it’s important to identify what does and doesn’t work, so you can focus your energy on only things that do work.


I Have Painstakingly Built A Successful Step-By-Step Formula Combining The Working Elements Of 15 Cutting Edge Personal Growth Technologies…
…Today I Want To Give You Unrestricted Access To This Formula So Your Life Can Emulate The Amazing Results I Have Achieved


One of the major drivers behind human success is the desire to help others achieve their dreams.  Often you will see well-known, highly respected and financially free celebrities literally throw themselves behind a cause.

They campaign to raise funds, they make impassioned speeches and lobby elected officials and in most cases they do it with no agenda.  They do it because they have financial freedom and this allows them to invest significantly in helping others.

Today I am making an impassioned plea to you, don’t give up on your dreams, don’t think that freedom is only for the rich, don’t stop moving towards your goals.  I personally commit to you that I will walk beside you step-by-step as you follow the path to your personal freedom.

By following this path, by taking this journey you will not only achieve your destiny but you will inspire others around you to do the same.  I don’t want you to be FREE just for you; I want you to do it for your family, your friends and for those that you will undoubtedly meet along your journey.


It Is Your Destiny To Be Free, And To Have All You Dream Of!  You Are Just Lost Right Now And Need A Step-By-Step Formula…


When I was growing up I never expected that I would achieve such great success in my life, I was positive, I was happy and I was a hard worker but never did I imagine that I would be so successful.  Sometimes now I reflect back and think:


How Could A Poor Boy From South Africa Turn The Tables And Become One Of The Youngest Practicing Actuaries In The World And Retire In Just 15 Months


It was not something that you would expect, in fact it seemed a little bit like a fairy tale at the time.  I kept on waiting to see when everything would fall apart but when things just kept going from strength to strength I had this realization.

You probably now what I am talking about, that moment where suddenly everything appears clear and answers seem to just pop into your head.  Well I realized that part of the reason that I was so successful was this burning desire I had.

Every single day I was positively thinking about what I desired in my life and the more I thought about it the more these great things happened.  I was attracting into my life the very people, objects and experiences that I need to go to the next level.

No it wasn’t the Law Of Attraction, no it wasn’t luck it was a combination of powerful self-help technologies that I was using to create a formula.  A success formula that worked for me time and time again, a Success Formula that can work for you as well!

I call this Success Formula “Manifest Absolutely Anything” and today I want to invite you to start using this formula in your life.  In fact, when you decide to invest in this formula today, after just 2 days of using it you will instantly start seeing results.

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what Diana had to say after investing in “Manifest Absolutely Anything”:

“It Works!!!!”

It works!!!!!!! I made $600 in a week.  I am overwhelmingly happy and grateful to you for your program and the fact that I have seen that it works. Wow, I have more faith for now. Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!

– Diana,

Diana wanted to manifest better health and more money into her life and after using just a few of the simple, step-by-step strategies I showed her money was showing up!

Now I am not suggesting that she just thought about money and it showed up, unfortunately it’s not that simple.  Diana applied a set of easy to follow strategies that I taught her through “Manifest Absolutely Anything” and as a direct result one week later she was $600 richer.

My comprehensive step-by-step, Manifest Absolutely Anything course can help you with relationships, money and even your career.  Read below what happened for Chyna after downloading the course:

“I Have Been Asking For This For So Long”

I downloaded Manifest Absolutely Anything to learn more about creating goals.  I followed the 6 step-by-step instructional videos and I have been asking for my career to open up.  Today at around 11:00am ITV called and invited me on to the breakfast TV show tomorrow morning.  I have been asking for this for so long, thank you for your support and guidance, what you are doing is great you are blessed.

– Chyna Whyne

As you can see Manifest Absolutely Anything is helping every day people just like you to achieve their biggest dreams and desires.


SECOND WARNING: My Manifest Absolutely Anything Course Achieves Life Changing Results And Is Only Available For You To Invest In For A Very Limited Time So ACT QUICKLY


When you invest in my Manifest Absolutely Anything Course today you will receive:

Inclusion 1: Manifest Absolutely Anything Video Tutorials

I have includeded 6 step-by-step video tutorials that will teach you how to:

  • create what you desire on demand
  • setup and word your goals for maximum success
  • create perfect visualizations
  • synchronize your brain and increase your thinking power
  • take decisive and proper action
  • overcome previous failures and guarantee success

This is just a small snippet of what you will learn from these videos; in fact let’s look at each video in detail:

Manifest Absolutely Anything Video 1

In this video I teach you why being able to manifest anything you want is important and how it can help to reduce stress and increase satisfaction in your life.

Imagine for a moment being able to create what ever you desire on demand, life would suddenly become adventure filled and you would experience things that you could have only ever dreamed of.

Also in this video I teach you the three essential steps you need to make this course work for you.

Manifest Absolutely Anything Video 2

In this video I teach you how to set up and word your personal goals while keeping these two important keys in mind:

  • Goals Should Be Achieved With Maximum Success
  • Avoid Creating Resistance So Attainment Is Effortless, Enjoyable And Peaceful

You probably have read or been taught how to set goals before but over 90% of the information is wrong.  You need to create and set goals that create a harmonious, stress free and fast result.

Manifest Absolutely Anything Video 3

In this video I will coach you on how to create the perfect visualization and how to elicit very specific and powerful emotions within yourself to effectively use this visualization.

I provide you with a very simple, step-by-step way to create these visualizations and a six question formula than when used create perfect visualizations.

Manifest Absolutely Anything Video 4

This video is probably the most important video in the entire course as it will teach you a powerful 4 minute drill to instantly synchronize your brain.

This drill will allow you to access both your left and right brain hemispheres and give you total control of both your conscious and other than conscious resources.

Manifest Absolutely Anything Video 5

In this video I will provide you with a plan on how to take proper, effective action rather than stressful, forced and inefficient action.  So many people try to improve their life but their actions are mis-guided and result only in further pain.

Manifest Absolutely Anything Video 6

This video is the video that all of my clients love as they tell me it’s as if I am in the room with them answering all their questions.  I provide troubleshooting advice in this video in a coaching style environment and it will get you past any obstacles.



These 6 Manifest Absolutely Anything Videos Are Packed With Powerful, Life Changing Strategies, Techniques And Advice I Have Gathered From 15 Well Respected Self Help Technologies And Over 4 Years Of Experience In Helping People Like You…
…You Literally Need Nothing Else To Create Everything You Ever Dreamed Of


Take action right now and secure your very own copy of these digital videos so you can instantly start seeing positive results in your life.



Inclusion 2: Manifest Absolutely Anything Worksheets

Often it will take a few viewings of the videos to really grasp the concepts I am teaching you so I have designed 2 worksheets to help you quickly and effectively start Manifesting.

I personally use these worksheets on a daily basis and they have been one of the major reasons for my continued success.  Without these worksheets it’s possible for you to get lost and lose focus so download them and print them out immediately after investing in this course.

Work Sheet 1: Perfect Visualization

I am not looking for your to create a grainy mental image, I want your visualization to live, smell, feel and emote so that it can inspire and motivate.

Worksheet 1 will walk you through creating this powerful, perfect visualization step-by-step.

Work Sheet 2: Whole Brain Synchronized Thinking

When you can synchronize your brain you have access to both conscious and other than conscious resources, which allow you to direct your energies in a more powerful and focused manner.

Worksheet 2 is a self-induction script designed to fast track your synchronization effortlessly



Step-By-Step Detailed Worksheets Designed To Eliminate Failure And Guarantee Success Combined With My 6 Powerful Manifest Absolutely Anything Videos Means This Is The Most Comprehensive, Valued Added Course…
It Will Sell Out Quickly As I Only Have A Limited Number Of Courses Available RIGHT NOW


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180 Day “Manfiest Absolutely Anything” 100% Money Back Guarantee

You visited this page as you are looking for something, well this course can help you find exactly what you are looking for.  In fact I guarantee that you will be able to “Manifest Absolutely Anything” after investing in this course.

If at any time in the next 180 days you don’t feel like this course is delivering on what I have promised you then just ask for a 100% refund and I will happily provide it to you




FAST ACTION TAKERS BONUSES:  When You Take Action Right Now And Invest In My Manifest Absolutely Anything Course You Will Receive 2 Bonuses Valued At Over $27


In just a moment I will reveal to you these two highly sought after bonuses but first I want to let you know your total investment for my information packed, step-by-step course.

“$462 In A Week”

I purchased your course and it is awesome! I focused on something believable ($500) and got super close to it about a week later. I won $62 in lotto (4 out of 6 numbers) and I got $400 as a gift. I did not ask this person for any money, nor did I mention any problems! With the money, I bought new tires for my truck. I had desired and dreamt about getting new tires for several months.

– Joseph Rodriguez

Just like Diana, Joseph decided to focus the skills he learnt during my course on Manifesting some money.  In just under 1 week he was able to manifest $462 and this is just two examples of over 500 that I have.

My Manifest Absolutely Anything course can help you to earn more money, be happier, live healthier and progress in your career to just name a few.  This course could be the single biggest investment you make in your own personal happiness.

I should be charging over $500 for this course; just the videos contained in this course alone are worth more than $500.

But today I won’t be charging you $500.  As I said earlier, once you become successful you want to help others to succeed so today I am going to offer you a massive discount.

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FAST ACTION TAKERS BONUSES:  When You Take Action Right Now And Invest In My Manifest Absolutely Anything Course You Will Receive 2 Bonuses Valued At Over $27


As a value added bonus today, for those of you who act quickly I will include 2 free digital books for you.  Books that I have read over 30 times each and every single time I read them they provide me with insights that allow me to create even greater success.

Bonus Digital Book 1: The Science Of Getting Rich (VALUED AT $17)

Bonus Digital Book 2: Think And Grow Rich (VALUED AT $17)



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